Persistence and Passion: Raissa Almira’s Journey to Success

Perseverance is the key to success. A recurring theme in Raissa Almira’s life.

An author with Gramedia, one of the leading publishing groups in Indonesia, Raissa is an Australia Awards Scholar at the University of Melbourne studying a Master of Strategic Communications.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social development and welfare from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, she still needed the proper communication tools to make and implement change.

Success did not happen overnight. Raissa faced over nineteen scholarship rejections before receiving an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2021. She never gave up.

“You’re not applying for a scholarship for yourself but for your country. Think about how this scholarship will benefit your country and how you will contribute. Always try to think about others and how to help others.”

For Raissa, one of the highlights of being an Australia Awards Scholar is the ability to build connections quickly. “I’ve met several people from different countries and been able to share our different cultures. Being on the Australia Awards Student Association committee at the University of Melbourne, we can connect with many scholars through barbecues and picnics to learn about their culture and food. “

Raissa’s love for the art of communications comes with a desire to convey the most effective message to the right market. Using her experience to help others, she has a growing social media following by providing and sharing valuable information back home to Indonesia, especially regarding opportunities for potential scholars and advice on living abroad.

After completing her studies, Raissa plans to work in communications roles for companies with a great Corporate Social Responsibility program that addresses areas in sustainability and reducing environmental degradation. Raissa is also an avid volunteer and plans to keep volunteering and contributing to the community.

Raissa’s advice for anyone interested in applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship, “I have faced several rejections, including job applications and publishing my book. I am proud of myself for my persistence and perseverance.”